At 41mm wide, the Pasha Moon Phases is a large watch, making it a very modern dress watch in that regard

I like it, but there are some people who seem to exclusively like smaller watches. That's OK – Cartier has those people covered too. The 41 mm wide case is otherwise comfortable and meant to be visible. This is a very emotional watch, so being 'discreet' on the wrist is hardly part of its commercial mission. Part of the new Pasha case includes a 'QuickSwitch' toolless strap system. It works well and Cartier allows you to use this feature by including both a blue and gray alligator strap with each of the watches. There is a metal bracelet that comes for the 41mm wide steel Pasha case, so if you really like that look, I think Cartier will sell the bracelet separately if you want to pair it with a watch like the Pasha Moon Phases. The case is also 9.55mm thick and water resistant to 100 meters with a view of the movement through the sapphire caseback window.

I think some people see the Pasha as a sports watch case, while others see it more as a dress watch case. In reality (and I've talked about this before), it is both. The heritage of the case is as a diving watch. Well, at least a modern watch that celebrated the distinctive look of certain vintage diving watches that promoted water resistance not through a screw-down crown, but rather via a screw-down cap that goes over the crown. Accordingly, the blue spinel cabochon-set crown cap unscrews, to create a smaller replica watches actual crown inside. Cartier positions these two Pasha Moon Phases 41mm-wide watches as more elevated versions of the standard three-hand versions of the 41mm-wide Pasha. For that reason, I understand the pricing and how the brand positions the watch with both the steel and gold versions commanding a roughly $3,000 premium over similarly equipped three-hand versions of this same watch. That said, I think that with even a 15% lower price, these watches would feel a bit more competitive given some of the other offerings in the market and where Cartier has traditionally been able to offer value. Nevertheless, these are very handsome moonphase watches and make excellent use of the new 41mm-wide Cartier Pasha case. Price for the Cartier Pasha Moon Phases watch reference in steel is CRWSPA0030 $8,900 USD, and the price for the reference in 18k rose gold is $20,400 USD.

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